Structural Co-ordination AAB SPORTS & FITNESS MANUAL Page 17

Structural Co-ordination Fundamentals
A Priority Agenda

In western society barriers to female participation in the commercial workplace disappeared over the course of the 20th century. Males and females now work alongside each other whereas previously the workplace was a male's only domain.

Research has shown that for generations girls have attained a higher percentage of tertiary places than boys. On the one hand this may simply mean that girls are brainier than boys of the same age or on the other hand that boys march to a different drummer with the accepted agenda for young males not conditioning them to compete on an equal footing with girls in the class room. This problem needs to be addressed if being a male isn't to become a barrier to employment.

Jack & Jill
Lets look at a couple of normal western youngsters growing up, one male called Jack and a female aptly named Jill.

Up to the age of one year:
*Brain correlates by observing through the eyes the actions of adults and older children.
*Brain directs and initiates muscular skeletal trial and error copying and co-ordination of structural body movement.

1-5 years of age:
*Jack and Jill acquire motor co-ordination and basic skills.

5-10 years of age:
*Jill plays with dolls, likes playing house, dressing up, dancing, reading books, plays hop-scotch, tag, and a variety of ball and skipping games.
*Jack plays with building blocks, toy trucks, cars, action figures, and guns. Likes kicking balls, throwing balls and stones, hitting balls, playing tag, running, climbing, jumping, racing, and wrestling other boys in general rough and tumble.

Whilst only summary profiles the principle of structural co-ordinated discipline is evident. We are able to see that the hormonal difference between Jack and Jill becomes a deciding factor in what excites them with girls attaining greater co-ordination and concentrated discipline between the brain (director) and muscular skeletal system (the action). When something looks like fun to the boys brawn quickly takes centre stage with the brain becoming just a backseat passenger along for the ride.

A Solution
The expected and accepted male brawn agenda that contrasts the female co-ordination agenda can be redirected if the brain (computer) and muscular skeletal system are clearly seen as two separate entities enclosed in the same structure. For Jack to achieve the same level of academic concentration, competence, and success as Jill he needs to be guided to areas of play that harness both entities to work in unison.